A unique boutique of authentic antiques, vintage treasures, and community consignments. Home furnishings, estate furniture, and charity fundraising.

(As of March 2023)
So much to update and share. Excited to share the journey that has been the last few years of being absent.

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(As of August 2018)
Any remaining items will be shipped from and available for local pickup in Norfolk, Virginia. 757.512.4264 Text Inquiries

(As of June 2018)
Remaining inventory from the June 2018 Landlord to Landfill incident 
will be re-listed if found amongst the pile that survived its doom.
Fraley's Furniture and Mattress Gallery
703.221.3800 Furniture Orders and Warranties

(As of May 2018)
Our Storefront has been CLOSED due to new Property Owners.
17696 Main Street, Dumfries, Virginia 22026
(Between #TwoGuysAntiques and Dumfries Town Hall)
571.931.6424 Consignment Inquiry
571.931.0085 Consignment Fax

(As of November 2017)
Commonwealth Collectibles and Consignments storefront becomes a reality. 
A unique boutique of authentic antiques, vintage treasures, and community consignments. New and used home furnishings and furniture. Additional Services include home organization, declutter/downsizing. Mobile Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

(As of November 2016)
Once located in Virginia's oldest chartered town, Dumfries. Dumfries is home to
Fraley’s Furniture and Mattress Gallery. A family owned and operated brick and mortar furniture store opened in 1956 as Dumfries Discount House. This 20,000 square foot property has become smaller through the years due to surrounding competitors. With the passion, drive and open to new ventures... Fraley's 3rd generation Manager had welcomed their newest tenant… Me! Which includes my mind, my creativity, my family, and everything else that fills my life. 

Who is Erica Lynne?

Store Owner, Customer Service Agent, Concierge, Project Manager, Organizer, Marketing Manager, Small Business Consultant, Volunteer, Cat Rescuer, Mother, Traveler, Lover and a Loyal Friend.

My career included 20 years of retail and small business management. Naturally, I found myself organizing, getting involved in my community, being creative in design and marketing efforts, and wanting to spend more time with my family. This is where my entrepreneurial spirit and passion lead me to start Erica Lynne Services. As I identified under-utilized skills in my friends and family, I began to incorporate how we all work together... Bringing you Erica Lynne Services integrated. With time and continued growth, I have found my services have proven best at providing solutions as a consultant. Bringing you... MY COALESCENT CONCIERGE. GROWING TOGETHER. UNITING COMMUNITY.

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